Carpet Cleaning
Up to 200 sq. ft.
Hot Steam Cleaning $35/room
Stairs $3/per each stair
Hall $20
Carpet Protector $15/room
Deodorizer $13/room
Pet Oder Treatment $10/room

Grout Cleaning
Bathroom $80 (up to 99 sq. ft.)
Bathroom $99 (up to 150 sq. ft.)
Kitchen $230 (up to 300 sq. ft.)
Additional: $0.82 sq. ft.

Pressure Washing
Drive way + Sidewalk/Walkways $120 (up to 1200 sq. ft.)
Washing Exteriors $210 (up to 2100 sq. ft.)
Additional: $0.10 sq. ft.
Floor Stripping/Waxing
$1.16 sq. ft. (labor & materials included)